The Incantenato Series

{Incatenato - enchained} {Incantato - enchanted}

Author warning: This series of books are adult novels and intended for those over 18 years old.

They contain reference to many adult situations and involve multiple BDSM scenes, some of which may be potentially upsetting to some.

The characters involved are paid sex workers, and many of them have struggled through various traumatic circumstances, including childhood abuse. This varies from sexual abuse through to parental neglect, and there are mentions of self-harm, suicide and attempted suicide along with other mental health issues including eating disorders.

The main male character exhibits toxic and manipulative behaviours throughout the story, and certain situations may be triggering to readers as a result. Please don't go into this book expecting a traditional monogamous relationship. There are instances where the MMC is with other people, both as part of his job role but also outside of that.

Please note; if cheating and non-monogamy triggers you, it is very likely that you will be triggered by the later books in this series.

Other content warnings include strong language, addictive behaviours, general promiscuity and explicit sexual scenes which include several specific kinks. Bondage, Domination and sado/masochism feature heavily in the story, in particular Shibari (rope bondage), various types of impact play and exhibitionism.

Please bear in mind; it is a story of disordered desperation set in a criminal underworld; where being nice doesn't actually pay off, and the good guys don't always win.


Locked: a new adult romance set in the shady depths of Seattle's underworld.

Every now and then, stars collide - and sometimes they cause a supernova

This book can be read as a standalone & includes a HEA


When my friends dragged me out to some seedy strip bar that cold October night, intent on finding me a hookup to celebrate my birthday, I couldn't even begin to imagine how it would totally and utterly change my life.

From the first glimpse of him, I was intrigued; backflipping in biker boots through a line of fire, the copper tones in his hair reflecting the dim light of the flames. Our lust fueled dancing turned into something so much more...

One night that promises to last forever - until he discovers who I am.


Ladies Night always promises a raucous crowd. A full house, cash aplenty, and more groping than you would care to shake your dick at. It's always been my favorite way to spend an evening, mind you.

But then I run into a little bit of my history. Old friends who threaten my safe haven, unearthing all the shit I left behind when I ran away from home at 16.

Their new acquaintance however? Well, she's something different. Her beauty caught my eye - okay, I lie, it was her tits - but it was trust and her willing nature that got me hooked and kept me captivated.

Shame for her that the only way to be with me is by drowning in my Hell.


Chained: Book 2 - A New Adult Dark Romance

This is a continuation of the story in Locked: Book 1. The truth is out there, but who's going to crack first?

If you like your books spicy with a dose of twisted morals, give it a shot.

I promise it won't bite. Hard.


My secrets are out, my lies uncovered. He knows who I am, and I know of his past history too. But the things he's begun showing me about myself?

I couldn't even have begun to imagine that a world like this existed - a world where it's okay to give in to your darkest desires and feel all the feels you've been taught were so wrong for so long.

He's still holding back though, I can feel it. But I'm breaking him. The cold caged emotions that he's kept hidden for so long are slowly seeping out. I know there's a heart in there; someone desperate to be wanted, to be needed... To be loved.

But it's okay, perché lo amo così tanto...


I can feel my walls cracking, breaking more every day. This beautiful marble statue, devoid of feelings - she's intent on jackhammering her way in. But I can't let her, there's too much at stake.

I've too many spiderwebs, trails of deceit; the ground I walk on is shaking more with every step. One wrong move and it might all come tumbling down. But I've worked too hard to cause a landslide now, so I will fight with every part of me to hide the bitter truth of my life.

I cannot allow my dirty angel to fall too far.


Tied: Book 3 - A New Adult Dark Romance

This is a continuation of the story in Locked and Chained. When you're drowning, it's good to have someone to help you swim to the surface. But is there enough air in the tank?

It gets darker. Let's hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn't just another train.

This one... This one might bite. I can't say I'm sorry.

Well, okay; I can, but I won't.


Finally, I broke down the walls. He gave me his key and let me unlock the door. He's fully letting me into his life and his secret world, and I can't wait to travel down every back street he is willing to show me.

But he needs fixing. I know I can help. I know what he needs, and I know I can give him everything. I can play his tune, if only he'd let me hear the full orchestra.


I can't do it to her. I know I shouldn't. I won't let myself.

But I must.

The symphony of life got a whole lot more complicated, and I seem to have lost my conductor's baton. In reality, I know; the only way to survive the coming storm is to put her at the epicentre. I have to protect her, and the only way I can do that is to keep her close and hope the jaws of Hell don't swallow her whole.

But I should know already - it's much too late for that.